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Исполнитель: Pearl Jam
Название песни: All night
Альбом: Lost Dogs
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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Pearl Jam - All night текст песни, lyrics

Got all night
Plenty of time
Take these chains
From my eyes
So alive
Gettin' it prime
Take 'em there
Before you die

Right besides
We've got all night

Please be here
Top of the stairs
No place for
The president
Build some fears
Left outside
Fuck, be content
To just get by

Why? Be satisfied
We've got all night

You scream and wail
You see who cares
Scream and wail
See who cares

Life has nothing to do with killing time

So why be satisfied
We've got... all night
We've got all night
We've got all night...

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