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Исполнитель: Pearl Jam
Название песни: Who You Are
Альбом: No Code
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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Pearl Jam - Who You Are текст песни, lyrics

Come to send
Not condescend
Trancendental consesquence
Yes to transcend
Where we are
Who are we
Who we are

Trampled marks, on your souls
Changes all, you're a part
Seen it all, not at all
Can't defend
Fucked up men

See before I, before we leave
Circumstance, grabbing hands
Guidin' winds have been stamped
Off the track, in the mud
That's a must
If we're to remember
Just a little time
Before we leave
Stoplight plays its part
So I will say, you've got a heart
What's your part
Who you are
You are who
Who you are

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