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Исполнитель: B2K
Название песни: Sexy Boy Christmas
Альбом: Santa Hooked Me Up
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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B2K - Sexy Boy Christmas текст песни, lyrics

Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy

[Lil Fizz]
Oh, I'm a sexy boy with fly whips and toys
S5 blowin hard have you sayin oh boy
Lookin sick in my jade shorts and throwback
>Lookin at ya man now you wanna throw him back
Cuz Im to sick fo medicine to help
And I'm just to cocky I'm sorry I can't help
But, uh, listen baby I don't mean no harm
I guess you can just say I'm a lucky charm

Sexy Boy
(yeah I'm a sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(say , I said a sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(yeah, sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(Ya'll know who I am)
Sexy Boy
(yeah I'm a sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(say I'm a sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(yeah I'm a sexy boy)
Sexy Boy
(Y'all know who I am)

Sexy boy who
You talkin to me
Please keep me awake
Before I go to sleep
Hang time too long
Game time to strong
So if your girl is lookin please don't be alarmed
I can't explain what I do to them
What they do to me
It's all in C.H.A.N.G.E.
Be at cha like a reflex
And if your gonna just give me a minute
And everything'll turn out lovely(lovely)
And everything'll turn out lovely(lovely)

[Raz B]
Now you know me
I'm the ladies man
Raz b came to serve you with these lips again
Who me
Sexy with no flaws, hittin the spot
And droppin the girls' drawers
It's just the little things I wanna do for ya'll
Let you push them things
While we chill at the mall
We can make our way to the mistletoe
Stand there and kiss
While I suduce you with this flow


[J Boog]
I'm not tryin to show you love and affection
I'm tryin ta show you I'm blessed
In different sections
Yo let's see what this boy's all about
Cuz this Christmas Eve
I'm tryin ta kick it on the couch
You better not pout(uh)
You better not cry
You better not shout I'm tellin you why
Cuz J Boog's gonna freak ya tonite


You so sexy
You so sexy

(music fades)

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