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Исполнитель: Daniel Powter
Название песни: Song 6
Альбом: Daniel Powter
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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Daniel Powter - Song 6 текст песни, lyrics

Now who did you ever want to be
you snapshot the girl in toscanie
I didn´t know recommend at the time
you´re acting out of line
and I don´t need you any more
Seeing something new is what I´m hoping for
I´m going to lose and go for a ride
Seeming that I´ve got time

So let´s lie in the song
You didn´t want the world to know
And I´m not strong and you´ll find out
How you did what´s rock´n roll
So let´s move and then hide
You know you better come and get right
I don´t know the question alive
But the best comes back tonight

If it´s cool and your cold
You´re hoping you dod´t stay too long
You´re taking like a fool, you´re better man
You´re taking like a fool tonight
And some good, somebody
I´m staking through a five foot hill
You´re taking like a fool better man
You´re taking like a fool tonight you know


We would be alright
Some time I´m go long
and some time I ´m go to be another pole
everythig´s going to be alright
I call up, I call up



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