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Исполнитель: Shades Apart
Название песни: Behind The Wheel
Альбом: Seeing Things
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1019 просмотров с 2010-03-07 18:24:22
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Shades Apart - Behind The Wheel текст песни, lyrics

Everyone wants to know what happened there
Everyone talks and talks, the stories go around
You never used to play those games before
Maybe you've become someone else
When you got behind the wheel
Who were you then
Something had to drag you down
Tell me how it really feels
To lose control
When you got behind the wheel
Everyone thinks they really know you now
Even the fakes that used to push you all around
Go from a zero to a hero now
I can't decide which side i'm on
I can't choose
Gathered there, cool night air
Shadows by the lake
On a dare, so unfair
Now it's much too late
Did you dare think
You'd mean this much someday
Everyone calls your name
You know you love the sound
You never used to play those games before
Maybe you've changed into someone else

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