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Исполнитель: Lara Fabian
Название песни: I Guess I Loved You
Альбом: Wonderful Life
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Lara Fabian - I Guess I Loved You текст песни, lyrics

Tomorrow is all there is
No need to look behind the door
You won't be standing there anymore.
I had my chance,
To dance another dance.
I didn't even realize
That this was all love
And no lies.
Then I lost you

I guess I loved you,
Less, less then I should
Now all there is
Is me and me
I turn around and all I see
The past where I have left our destiny

Tomorrow's a mystery
I cannot live without a dream,
Vanishing from reality
I want to know.
Would you come back to me?
Now that I've finally realized
You are my home
You are my life
And with you away


I guess I loved you,
Less, less then I should
And now it's time
Another round,
To mend both of our broken hearts
To tell you how much I do love you know

I guess,
I guess I loved you (2x)

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