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Исполнитель: HIM
Название песни: Serpent ride
Текст песни добавил: Heartless666
1051 просмотров с 2010-03-18 00:32:04
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HIM - Serpent ride текст песни, lyrics

Upon the wings of the dream 

She rides 

Oh she comes to me

 Fills me with light 

Towards the dark side of the moon 

We climb 

She sends me a tune, away through the silverest starlights 

I don't want to wake up this time 

I'm alive on this serpent ride

 In the grace of our love 

We writhe in pain 

Rather  into this solar fog


The drop of her blood tastes like wine 

I answer  her call with a pride

 That is not death 

Which can turn a life 

And change 

In this judgement ride 

In your hights lies the world where i don't wanna go 

Said you  changed, but i don't belive in miracles 

Since you conquer my heart we`ve never been apart 

One day we'll close our eyes, open them again 

And discover each other 

Sun open on my eyes 

She keeps me inside

From her lips drops wine

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