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Исполнитель: The Johnstones
Название песни: Take Me To The Party
Альбом: Can't Be Trusted
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The Johnstones - Take Me To The Party текст песни, lyrics

Take me to the party that's where I wanna go
Take me to the place I see that's where I wanna go

Oh shit its nine o'clock
Fell asleep and just woke up
Two texts from Chris telling me him and Jarek just met up
Me and this girl had plans
But she couldn't get two friends
That's that watcha gonna do cause I'm never gonna take a chance and miss out

Take me to the party thats where I wanna go
Cause I've been waiting such a long time
And in the end it's gonna be mine
And it must be like a fine wine
Cause I've been waiting such a long time

And now I'm on the couch
Some house thats not downtown
Got one guy but I lost one guy
Got gs here so we'll be fine
I kind of trashed this house
Hope these ones don't flip out
I'm kind of smashed as hell
Oh shit I just passed out

I Was just staring at the ceiling when I heard of this jam
Some girl I did back in school blowing me up just like bam
I'll grab a couple of 40's a fuckin' dozen or connies
A bakers dozen of homies we'll need a couple of cabbies.
And now that I'm wasted whose lips am I tasting?
Coked out models doing whatever Rene says
This shit's getting crazy like bang bros crazy
Once, twice, three times a lady

Take me to the Party!
Thats where I wanna go

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