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Исполнитель: The Johnstones
Название песни: Can't Be Trusted
Альбом: Can't Be Trusted
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The Johnstones - Can't Be Trusted текст песни, lyrics

I fucked two girls last night in the back of my car
I got an Avalon you fuckin' retard
And he was wasted to his face and forgot their names and
If you see her in a porn then it might be Sara Palin
And I'm back on the track with a girl with a rack and it's about time
we face the facts
Hope you like the necklace honey you know know I bought it with your money

And I can't be trusted
No I can't be trusted
When the sun don't shine it's all alright
And I can't be trusted

Blah blah blah you're blabbin' on and I just can't think
So a call your friend ring-a-ding ding
ask me where I was and I'll give you some bull
Feed you lines until you're full
Cause we back on the track
We doin' what we doin' and we never look back

And all this time I been livin' a lie you don't know the real me
You can't tell if I'm who I say why don't you buy another CD
I really like it that way
Cause it's a lot of fun when you can't be trusted
And I'm gonna keep it that way cause we're having fun

I've been known to do do the do
The opposite of what your belt will do
Got Maury Pauvich calling my home
Cause he knows his daughter's not in love

And I can't be trusted
And I can't be trusted
And I can't be trusted
And I can't be trusted
I can't be trusted (trusted)
I can't be trusted (trusted)

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