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Исполнитель: Макс Барских
Название песни: Hot Girl
Альбом: 1:Maks Barskih
Текст песни добавил: Queen
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Макс Барских - Hot Girl текст песни, lyrics

Jus wanna get love,
Sitting there,enough I'm tired,
I want some fun
Coz one thing,
I know Where
I take the risk
I'll go,
I will take my car
And I will so so far

Hey Ladies, Wake up
The nigth will never stop
You now theta
I want just,
You feel me.
I see you I'm asking:
Where are you going?
I like you,baby you will know it.

Girl?girl you will be my part,
And I want,want
Stay just ho you are
And I will cathc you,will get you.
And I will never stop
Get naked
You'll make it,
I see you're really hot.

No one know like I do,
About girls I told you
I no how make thing right
We wanna go with you tonight

Just wanna get love
The night clubs it's my job
My free time
I'll spend with you
So get in my car
I'll shiw you want I got
And you'll be satisfied
Coz I can do it right.

Don't try to pretend that
You don't wanna do it
You know what I want just,
You feel me.
Coz one thing
Is in my head Do you like it?
Don't answer
Baby I will know it.

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