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Исполнитель: Sarah Connor
Название песни: A Ride In The Snow
Альбом: Christmas In My Heart
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Sarah Connor - A Ride In The Snow текст песни, lyrics

(written by Rob Tyger & Kay Denar)

Let's take a ride in the snow
No need to know where we go
Get on a sleigh thru the night
The feeling's merry and bright
Let's take a ride in the snow
At Christmas time you and me we won't stay home
We're telling Santa hello
And take a ride in the snow

verse 1
We don't sleep today, we make a getaway
Right on the night
When the moon's gonna turn on his light
No need to say, we're gonna stray
But we don't walk 'cause we're going for miles
I sit behind your back, you turn your head
A kiss on my lips, what is this? Oh
Our horse just knows the way, so on our sleigh
We're making love on Christmas day
Gonna ride a sleigh on a holiday
Gotta hear them jingle bells
I love it, do you love it?
Gotta feel the snow everywhere I go
It is like a fairy tale
So what you say, what you say


verse 2
The ice is glittering, the snow is shimmering
As we begin just to sing bells continue to ring
And up above for our love
A light in the night what a sight, boy
Gotta star to lead the way, so on our sleigh
Still making love on Christmas day
Sleigh bells go ring-a-ding-a-ding
Full moon above
Tonight my heart is gonna sing
'Cause I'm in love

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