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Исполнитель: Sarah Connor
Название песни: Come Together
Альбом: Christmas In My Heart
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1115 просмотров с 2010-04-01 20:03:45
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Sarah Connor - Come Together текст песни, lyrics

(written by Rob Tyger, Kay Denar)

Come together, everybody
Now that summer days are gone
Come inside and warm your body
The coldest winter has begun
If we're standing all together
We'll make this world a better place
You're a a star so let it shine
Spread your love, it's Christmas time

verse 1
What's another year
I've seen so many things I didn't like to see
Cry another tear
A hungry child without a place to sleep
There's something going wrong
So much pain and hate on my TV screen
I'm prayin' for the day
We live in unity
Just remember when you start another war
You will destroy this world
And all you're fighting for


verse 2
Can't you see the light
Go take a look around,
It's in the children's eyes
And you don't have to fight
Just keep your faith
And you can take them by surprise
If something's going wrong
Don't hesitate to help when it's on you
'Cause we need everyone
To save the truth
We will nevermore allow another war
They won't destroy this world,
That's what we're living for

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