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Исполнитель: Kooks
Название песни: Princess of my mind
Текст песни добавил: Anechka3Tolechku
1160 просмотров с 2010-04-03 15:13:52
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Kooks - Princess of my mind текст песни, lyrics

You set yourself up again
run back to New York City sell yourself your new fame
yeah with eyes that could cut down the laws
but the camera will one day shoot you down
oh you're just a girl living inside a box
you dance the foxtrot down to the beat of your own drum

Ooohh I should have asked you to be mine
Ooohh, Yes, I think of it all the time
But it's hard, when you're picking up loose ends
Loose ends

Oh I met you when we were young
Pass by the eyes But we looked backed at the song
Tommy was a man who made the connection
I still see him when I can, he still mentions you
Ohh, the fractions of our heart, the lovers that tore us apart
and you're the one that did me the worse

Ooohh I should have asked you to be mine
Ooohh, You're still the princess of my mind
And it's hard, picking up loose ends

She was a family of eccentrics
of it was hard for her because they never ignored her
and still her father would have loved to adore her
and will do what I can to get back to her

Ooohh I should have asked her to be mine
Ooohh, Now she's the princess of our time
But it's hard, picking up loose ends

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