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Исполнитель: London After Midnight
Название песни: Spider And The Fly
Текст песни добавил: Heartless666
1197 просмотров с 2010-04-14 02:19:00
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London After Midnight - Spider And The Fly текст песни, lyrics

Empty hearts I can hear them talking
I close my eyes and I keep on stalking
my love
my love

no one's aware of the hunger I feel
it's something you or time cannot heal
I need someone to help me rise above

Eternal bliss is something I can show you
spread your arms and let my wings enfold you
my love

In the darkness shades of crimson rapture
the world is ours alone to capture
my love

Come over here and let me tell you something
nothing ever comes of nothing
we pay a price for all our choices made

come along now and take my hand
I'll lead you to a promised land
the morning after may never be the same,
it may never come again...

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