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Исполнитель: London After Midnight
Название песни: The Christmas Song
Текст песни добавил: Heartless666
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London After Midnight - The Christmas Song текст песни, lyrics

In this world of snow and cold I'll hide
in this world of ice I've built with pride
of all things that I'd most like to receive
there's just one thing I really want this Christmas Eve
I believe, I believe it's you

I know youre out there waiting in the cold
all shimmering and blue and warm to hold
but if I try and really do believe
I'll get just what I'm waiting for this Christmas Eve
I believe, I believe it's you

Nothing can compare
nothing can come close to you
nothing can compare
nothing else will ever do

buried in the snow I'll wait for you
and keep on wishing 'till my dreams come true
I feel your touch, it melts the world away
and we'll be together in the light of Christmas Day
far away, far away with you.

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