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Исполнитель: Family Force 5
Название песни: Fever
Текст песни добавил: nigga queen
1435 просмотров с 2010-04-25 17:46:54
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Family Force 5 - Fever текст песни, lyrics

Fever's got me sweating and you know I'm burning up

Verse 1:
Hey you, did you turn up the heat
It’s getting hotter and I’m growing weak
Maybe it’s because you're standing close to me
I'm coming down with something feverishly

B Verse 1:
I think my body’s in shock
It just don't know what to do
I feel my temperature rising
Past one hundred and two

Fever, fever, fever, fever

Fever, turning up the heat
Fever, come on and get sick with me
Gimme what you got 'cause you know it's getting hot

Fever, I'm turning flush
Fever, I'm burning up
Fever's got me sweating and you know I'm burning up

Verse 2:
Fever's got this thing that I just can't shake
I tried to sweat it out but it would not break
My heart has taken all the heat that it can take
Just let it burn me up for heaven's sake

B Verse 2:
Hot to the touch
To the nth degree
Thermometer's reading
About infinity

Blow up the phone lines
'Cause I'm already at the red line
Somebody call me up the New York Times
This fever's gonna make the headlines

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