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Исполнитель: LeToya
Название песни: Take Away Love
Альбом: Lady Love (2009)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
875 просмотров с 2010-04-30 20:05:48
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LeToya - Take Away Love (feat. Estelle) текст песни, lyrics

L -Yo E
E-Whats up
L -man I am sick of explaining myself
E -Explaining what what's going on
L -he's just not getting the point I don't want a relationship
E-I mean u told him u told 7 times u move countries u was like f this do like What's going on
L-I'm still trying get ova my ex and he don't understand that
E-So what u gonna do
L-Shit I done tried everything I done left I done every i possible can and he's still not getting the point
U know there's only one thing left right
E-Take ur away love
L-Guess that what imam have to do
E-Cause he's never gonna learn unless u do that right
Letoya ---aiight

Listen, whenever you're so close it brings back those memories the way it shoulda been simplest time in my life but u weren't meant for me tears come rapidly
Land although u tell me u love I can't imagine u as part of my day the way my life keeps on changing u need attention I can't do it ur way I gotta go

If I take away love
If I take away love
If I get up leave
would that be enough

We said we'd let it go take some time to get over us but that jus aint enough no
Still wanna come around hoping I can make some time
Messing with my mind

You want this love I cant give ya
No between the sheets boy
I made this Bed
Try as u may I ain't trippin Sex is over I‘d rather sleep instead boy I gota go

Nar it ain't enough listen
U got me Up all night up all day
Tryna figure out what I gotta to say
I can tell u this the hard or the easy way
Tryna tell u that I don't really want babe
I don't need the stress or need the drama
U cud Save the bullshit for ur mum
I now it hard to deal but listen it's the truth
What u rather dis or me straight lying to u
See now we gotta work on ur acceptance dear
Listen u shud just accept dis here
I move on
Took away love I took away you now I took away us yo

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