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Исполнитель: Marius
Название песни: Playback song
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Marius - Playback song текст песни, lyrics

Verse 1:
I’m just a boy band boy
My music is just noise
Tell me why are you still here
On me the light is on
You watch TV back home
But you still know it all

Turn off the radio
What’ you waiting for?
Is just a playback song
What’ you waiting for?
Pick up and through the stone
What’ you waiting for?
It’s me against the world
What’ you waiting for?

Now everybody’s waiting for my fall
They say the boy ugly, stupid and old
Somehow I sing my song and I stand tall
They say the boy is not talented at all

You gotta….

Verse 2:
I’m just a product boy
A face without a choice
Why the hell you keep on dancing?
My English sounds all wrong
I’m always out of tone
Why do you play ït on and on?

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