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Исполнитель: Mia Rose
Название песни: Let Go
Текст песни добавил: Fow
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Mia Rose - Let Go текст песни, lyrics

Every shred of hope collides in your heart 
with the fear of losing what you've just given up 
As the moments pass you pray to survive 
All these lonely minutes that once kept you alive 

Try to change the expression that's worn out your face 
As you lose the momentum of your past living ways
Every song is a channel for the memories to keep
floating in your head as you're left asking

Why did I choose to let it all go
Was it the fear of needing 
or the doubts I let show
I never gave up fighting
I never said goodbye
So why? Why did we let go?..

Every day is a new breath, but the battle's still on 
trying hard to elude them by keeping my head strong 
Still I feel the exhaustion of wanting your kiss 
As I'm left here asking the same damn question

You never showed that you were scared of losing me
And You... You didn't fight to make me stay in your arms 

So I'm left asking...

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