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Исполнитель: Tim Buckley
Название песни: Dream Letter
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
886 просмотров с 2010-06-01 13:32:41
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Tim Buckley - Dream Letter текст песни, lyrics

Lady time fly away
Ive been thinking bout my yesterday
Oh, please listen darlin to my empty prayers
Sleep inside my dreams tonight
All I need to know tonight are you and my child
Oh, is he a soldier or is he a dreamer? 
Is he mamas little man? 
Does he help you when he can? 
Or does he ask about me? 
Just like a soldier boy
I been out fighting wars
That the world never knows about
But I never win them loud
Theres no crowds around me
But when I get to thinkin
bout the old days
When love was here to stay
I wonder if wed ever tried
Oh, what Id give to hold him.

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