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Исполнитель: Paul Van Dyk
Название песни: Crush
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Paul Van Dyk - Crush текст песни, lyrics

I know you want me! 

Can't run away, can't run away from me 
I'll navigate the seven seas just to find you 
Can't hide away, can't hide away from me 
I'll be a shadow when the sun don't shine 
I'll be a fly on the wall, your wreckingball, your wakeup call
on a sleepless night 
I'll be your cigarettsmoke, your junkies dope, you'll be hanging
by a thread and i'll be holding the rope 

Cars and planes and boats won't do, yeah you can be sure I'll
find you 
I know you want me 
Why won't you see me? 
If I suffer than you'll too, I'm not alone out in the blue 
You can't escape me 
I won't just disappear 

Can't fly away, can't fly away from me, I'll grab your wings and
pull back down 
Can't walk away, can't walk away from me, can't you understand
we're ment to be 
I'll be the souls on your feet 
Your sticky sheet 
Your big black cloud on a sunny day 
I'll be your shoulders chip, your sinking ship 
Dont' try to turn the page, it's not that easy to split 


I know you want me! 

[Chorus x2]

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