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Исполнитель: Steve Aoki
Название песни: I'm In The House
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Steve Aoki - I'm In The House текст песни, lyrics

I'm in the house (x4)
ho-ho-ho-ho yaw!

I'm in the house, house, house ...

I'm in the house
I'm in the mother [email protected]#king house
I step this side and turn it out, out, out, out
I got these honeys screamin ow (ow, ow, ow, ow)

I walkin' through the [email protected]#king door
I ran in to DJ Aoki
Step the the ... and i say "Yo"

yo yo yo yo!

Baby, I rock the mic and that's no secret
I'm zuper blahq dont that unique sh!t (unique, nique)
So dont be blinkin' dont be sleepin' (sleep, sleep)
I be I be all mine

You be jammin to this beat
I rock it with ill technique
Slanging heat like slanging coke
a small bang will make you weak
I could beat it up
I could beat it back to back to back to back
Directly rock the dance floor
cuz I'm super super blahq

I'm in the house (repeat)

I'm in the house
house house hooooo ..

I rock the place
I rock the place that's pumpin' Bass
(I rock the place that's pumpin' Bass)
That kinda bass that make it shake
(That kinda bass that make it shake)
That seismic frequency that make that earthquake

hey hey hey ...

Let's go (Come on lets go)
Lets go loco and loose control
(Lets go loco and loose control)
Aoki rock that electro
(Aoki rock that electro)
That girl whats next i'm tow with those mono's ayo

I'm ch-ch-chillin in the house like G
With the bloody beetroots rocking ill-frequencies
MSTRKRFT fist of god knock em out with baze
And the crazy f**king crookers beak it down down down
Pase rock in the house like yo yo yo
Boys noize in the house like yo yo yo
LMFAO is in the house like yo yo yo
Im super super blahq i break it down down down
Im in the house

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