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Исполнитель: Mos Def
Название песни: Brooklyn
Текст песни добавил: -okc-ana-
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Mos Def - Brooklyn текст песни, lyrics

*part one* 

[Mos Def] 
Hey hey, ha ha say what say what 
Ha ha bust it yo 
Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner 
Sometimes I feel like my only friend 
Is the city I live in, is beautiful Brooklyn 
Long as I live here believe I'm on fire hey 
Cuz it's the B-the-R-the-O-the-O-K 
L-Y-N is the place where I stay 
The B-the-R-the-O-the-O-K 
Best in the world and all USA 
It's the B-to-the-R-the-O-the-O-K 
L-Y-N is the place where I stay 
The B-to-the-R-the-O-the-O-K 
Place where I rest is on my born day 
Bust it, sometimes I sit back and just reflect 
Watch the world go by and my thought connect 
I think about the time past and the time to come 
Reminesce on Bed-Stuy when I was pride and young 
I used to try and come, to the neighborhood function 
Throw on my Izod, say a little something 
When I was just a youngin, before the days of thuggin 
How me and Charlie Chims (aiyyo what?) I'm only buggin 
Fast forward, Nine-Now I gotta team my seed 
I must proceed at God's speed to perform my deed 
Livin the now space and time, round the nine to five 
For as long as I'm alive, paw I got to strive 
I ain't sittin roadside, that ain't harder to plan 
I'm out here for my fam doin all that I can 
I love my city, sweet and gritty in land to outskirts 
Nickname Bucktown cuz we grown to outburst 
Philosophy redefine us, touch mines I touch back 
Walk the streets like a sweet and get beat like drum tracks 
Catch no shakes over jakes (boomp-boomp!) we bust back 
Bring the marty to your face wit no place to run back 
I'm from the slums that created the bass that thump back 
This ain't a game clown, play ya James Brown and jump back 
What you want, Jack? Young cats stash they jums at 
Draw they guns back, momma screams where she sons at 
Tryin to hunt that, recurring dream of high stakes 
The fourth largest, first artist, Brooklyn is the place 
Settled by the judge many years ago 
Three billion strong and here we go 

*part two* 

[Mos Def] 
Ha (back up back up back up back up back up)*repeated in background* 
Yo sometimes I sit back, reflect on the place that I live at 
Unlike any place I ever been at 
The home of big gats, deep dish hammer rim caps 
Have a mishap, push ya wig back 
Where you go to get the fresh trim at 
Four on the jake got the Timb rack 
Blue collars metro carding it 
Thugs mobbin it, form partnership 
Increase armorment, street pharmacist 
Deep consequence, when you seek sleek ornaments 
You get caught, rode the white horse and can't get off 
Big dogs that trick off just get sent off 
They shoebox stash is all they seeds gotta live off 
It's real yo but still yo, it's love here 
And it's felt by anybody that come here 
Out of towners take the train, plane and bus here 
Must be something that they really want here 
One year as a resident, deeper sentiment 
Shoutout "Go Brooklyn!", they representin it 
Sittin on they front stoop sippin Guinesses 
Usin native dialect in they sentences 
>From the treeline blocks to the tenaments 
To the Mom & Pop local shop menaces 
Travel all around the world in great distances 
And ain't a place that I know that bear resemblance 
That's why we it The Planet 
Not a borough or a prov, it's our style that's uncalm 
>From ?sun? to the ? to the Lafayette Gardens 
White ?coff guawinas? in they army jacket linings 
Yo this goes out to my cats in Coney Isle 
Friday night out in front The Himalaya goin wild 
This goes out to Crown Heights and Smurv Village 
The nighties, and all my ?yarda trenny? Brown's Village 
Parkside tennants caught, thirties, forties, and the fifties 
The cats out in Starite City gettin busy 
To the Hook, to the East, to the Stuy 
Bushwick and Kanarcy, Farraget, Fullgreen, and Marcy 
My Flatbush posse, generals of armies 
When it's time to form, just call me 
And let this song be, playin loud in Long B 
If you love Bucktown STRONGLY! 

*part three* 

[Mos Def] 
Brooklyn my habitat, the place where it happen at 
Live sway and the sharp balance of the battle axe 
Irons is brandished at, thugs draw they hammer back 
It's where you find the news tool crew cameras at 
It's where my fam is at, summertime jame is at 
They play Big and get you open like a sandal back 
Hotter than candle wax, hustlin you can't relax 
The crack babies tryin to find where they mama's at 
It's off the handle black, wit big police scandals that 
Turn into actions screenplays sold to Miramax 
The type of place where they check your appearance at 
And cats who know where all the hot 'lo gear is at 
The stompin grounds, where you find a pound, smoke is that 
Be blazin charm that have your wave cap floatin back 
The doorstep where the disposessed posted at 
Dope fiends out at Franklin Ave sellin zovarax 
You big ballin better keep your money folded back 
Cuz once the young guns notice that it's over, black 
Brooklyn keep on takin it, worldwide we known for that 
Flossy cats get it snatched like the local tax 
The place I sharpen up my baritone vocals at 
Where one of the greatest MC's was a local cat

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