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Исполнитель: Mos Def
Название песни: Habitat
Текст песни добавил: -okc-ana-
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Mos Def - Habitat текст песни, lyrics


We all got to have, a place where we come from 
This place that we come from is called home 
We set out on our travels, we do the best we can 
We travel this big earth as we roam 

We all got to have, a place where we come from 
This place that we come from is called home 
And even though we may love, this place on the map 
Said it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at 

(verse one) 
I come up in the street around some real wild brothers 
With more than one name and more than one baby mother 
More than one chase, been on more than one run 
Got more than one enemy and more than one gun 
*Speaks foreign language* 
While these cats that's less privileged is just more raw 
Less space cause the projects laced with more flaws 
Less sleep cause the nights ain't peace, it's more war 
The can is raw like thirsty, rainy season thunder claps 
On the block with your old pop pleading number act 
To the spot with the red top fiends is huddled at 
To the crib where the little kids spend their summers trapped 
With the jungle cats, lions and tigers, leopards and cheetahs 
For gazelle you get chased like a zebra, they blaze cheeba-cheeba 
And dominate the weaker on the street 
Hungry bellies only love what they eat and it's hard to compete 
When they smile with your heart in they teeth 
And the odds is stacked high beyond and beneath 
Son i been plenty places in my life and time 
And regardless where home is, son home is mine 


Some people live out in-New York City 
Some people live out in-Atlanta 
Some people got to live-Chicago 
Some people do live-Miami 
All my people at-California 
And other people got to live-London 
And everybody got to live in the whole big world 
Together just you and me 

(verse two) 
When i think of home, my remembrance of my beginning 
Laundromat helping ma dukes fold the bed linen 
Chillin in front my building with my brother and them 
Spending nights in Bushwick with my cousins and them 
Wise town and Beat Street, federal relief 
Slowly melting in the morning grits we used to eat 
Sticking to your teeth and teeth is hard to keep 
With every flavor Now & Later only a dime apiece 
Old timers on the bench playing cards and thangs 
Telling tales about they used to be involved in things 
Start to drinking, talking loud, cussing up and showing out 
On the phone, call the cops, pick'em up, move'em out 
And it's all too common to start wildin 
I'm a pirate on an island seeking treasure known as silence 
And it's hard to find 
Block parties in dark lobbies 
Funeral homes packed but only dark bodies 
I can't sleep hardly, stirred up like Bob Marley 
Marley Marl played the symphony, remember we recall 
Son i been to many places in my space and time 
and whatever my home is, son home is mine. 


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