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Исполнитель: Mos Def
Название песни: Hip Hop
Текст песни добавил: -okc-ana-
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Mos Def - Hip Hop текст песни, lyrics

You say one for the trebble, two for the time 
Come on y'all let's rock this! 
You say one for the trebble, two for the time 
Come on! 

Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape 
Now let it fall... (Hungh!!) 
My restlessness is my nemesis 
It's hard to really chill and sit still 
Committed to page, I write rhymes 
Sometimes won't finish for days 
Scrutinize my literature, from the large to the miniature 
I mathematically add-minister 
Subtract the wack 
Selector, wheel it back, I'm feeling that 
(Ha ha ha) From the core to the perimeter black, 
You know the motto 
Stay fluid even in staccato 
(Mos Def) Full blooded, full throttle 
Breathe deep inside the trunk hollow 
There's the hum, young man where you from 
Brooklyn number one 
Native son, speaking in the native tongue 
I got my eyes on tomorrow (there it is) 
While you still try to follow where it is 
I'm on the Ave where it lives and dies 
Violently, silently 
Shine so vibrantly that eyes squint to catch a glimpse 
Embrace the bass with my dark ink fingertips 
Used to speak the king's English 
But caught a rash on my lips 
So now my chat just like dis 
Long range from the base-line (switch) 
Move like an apparition 
Float to the ground with ammuntion (chi-chi-chi-POW) 
Move from the gate, voice cued on your tape 
Putting food on your plate 
Many crews can relate 
Who choosing your fate (yo) 
We went from picking cotton 
To chain gang line chopping 
To Be-Bopping 
To Hip-Hopping 
Blues people got the blue chip stock option 
Invisible man, got the whole world watching 
(where ya at) I'm high, low, east, west, 
All over your map 
I'm getting big props, with this thing called hip hop 
Where you can either get paid or get shot 
When your product in stock 
The fair-weather friends flock 
When your chart position drop 
Then the phone calls.... 
Chill for a minute 
Let's see whoelse tops 
Snatch your shelf spot 
Don't gas yourself ock 
The industry just a better built cell block 
A long way from the shell tops 
And the bells that L rocked (rock, rock, rock, rock...) 


Hip Hop is prosecution evidence 
The out of court settlement 
Ad space for liquor 
Sick without benefits (hungh!) 
Luxury tenements choking the skyline 
It's low life getting tree-top high 
Here there's a back water remedy 
Bitter intent to memory 
A class E felony 
Facing the death penalty (hungh!) 
Stimulant and sedative, original repetitive 
Violently competitive, a school unacredited 
The break beats you get broken with 
on time and inappropriate 
Hip Hop went from selling crack to smoking it 
Medicine for loneliness 
Remind me of Thelonius and Dizzy 
Propers to B-Boys getting busy 
The war-time snap shot 
The working man's jack-pot 
A two dollar snack box 
Sold beneath the crack spot 
Olympic spnosor of the black glock 
Gold medalist in the back shot 
From the sovereign state of the have-nots 
Where farmers have trouble with cash crops (woooo) 
It's all city like phase two 
Hip Hop will simply amaze you 
Craze you, pay you 
Do whatever you say do 
But black, it can't save you

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