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Исполнитель: Mos Def
Название песни: Know That
Текст песни добавил: -okc-ana-
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Mos Def - Know That текст песни, lyrics

[Mos Def] 
Hey, hey, heyyy man 
I Strike the Empire Back.. 
I Strike the Empire Back.. 
Fuck the Empire!! 
High flyin like the Millenium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo 
I never roll for dolo, frontin on me's a no-no 
Understand? Doin this for my family 
Ha ha, check it out y'all 

Yo I'm tryin to make a dollar out of what makes sense 
Add it up, told my daddy I'd be a rich man 
You never know when your fate gon' switch hand 
Get today's solid ground out of yesterday's quicksand 
I was a young boy -- who dreamt about being a big man 
on small looseleaf sheets I sketched a big plan 
Gotta handle business properly, boost up my economy 
Store it up and get my mom some waterfront property 
Yesterday was not for me but nowaday it's time for me 
The streets is watchin me, I watch back, that's the policy 
Movin along my oddesey like blood through the artery 
Navigate the treacherous and make it seem effortless 
Let those who make the exodus seekin the North beacon 
from beatin and hog-eatin, from punishment all season 
from hands cracked and bleedin -- cotton thorns in your palms 
It's for y'all that I sketch these songs, and it goes.. 
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow 
I fear no man, because faith is the aarow 
My vocal chord travel worldwide to block narrow 
We can blow with the ammo or go mano-a-mano 
Kweli is you wit me? (Whattup whattup?) Let's make it happen 
I *BURN* through your argument with action 
My eyes stay fastened to tomorrow lookin for a brighter day 
When y'all wanna leave y'all? Right away 

Shout it out from East-West (from South to Northern) 
From Cakalak' (to California) 
From the coldest (to the warmest) 
To the borders ('cross the waters) understand.. 
".. and know that I love you.." 
We got love in the place 
Shout out to all the Queens (all the Seeds) 
To all the teams (that's gettin cream) 
From outlaw (to emcee's) 
Make it happen (do your thing) understand.. 
".. and know that I love you.." 
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen 

[Talib Kweli] 
Guess who? The illest MC in the atmosphere, yeah the Soul Controller 
who roam the frontier like a Buffalo Soldier 
I follow the code of honor like a real man gonna 
Never disrespect no women cause I love my momma 
These cats be givin us praise but it ain't that accurate 
I give it up to God, all that, love and attachment, get 
scary well-prepared with the shears when it get hairy 
like how these niggaz is lookin like some fairies 
and singin like canaries to the beast 
and anybody who will listen to em clearly 
Y'all don't hear me though, even when I'm comin through in stereo 
You make a mockery of what I represent properly 
Yo why you startin me? I take that shit straight to the artery 
Intellectual property I got the title and the deed 
I pay for rent, with the tears and sweat, and what I bleed 
MC's imitate the way we walk, the way we talk 
You cats spit lyrical pork with no spiritual thought 
Plus your flow a little bit off, you come across soft 
Back in the days, niggaz like that on stage got tossed off 
Need to get crossed off the guestlist 
It's like you gotta be disrespected and thrown out the exit 
to get the message 
Sometimes your sunshine get snatched like a necklace 
when you get too drunk on power and your drive get reckless 
Check it, MC's in my face after I slug you then I hug you 
If I gotta dead you know it's only cause I love you 

[Mos Def] 
Shout it out from East-West (from South to Northern) 
From the richest (to the poorest) 
To the elders (in the coffins) 
Livin native (dyin for it) understand.. 
".. and know that I love you.." 
Yea, yea, we got love in the place 
Shout out from up top (to the middle) 
To black bottom (SKY HIGH) 
Whether you colder than December 
or hotter, than July 
It don't stop 'til we complete this 
(".. and know that I love you..") keep this fly 
It's so much to life when you just 
stay black (10X) 
My people, my people, my people people p-people (8X) 
My PE-ople, oh-oh-OH-oh-OHH, oh-OHH...

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