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Исполнитель: System of a Down
Название песни: Honey
Текст песни добавил: JUSTICE
1367 просмотров с 2008-07-16 22:04:42
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System of a Down - Honey текст песни, lyrics

Time is always now here forever, 
Time is always now gone never,
God is now the ruler of the present,
His son a lesson born of a peasant,
Here, now, forever, 
Happiness ends at the end of a beautiful tunnel,
Now, forever,

Run run run away, to a land far away,
Where the hills are green and the water is gray,
Maria ran with passion not seen in women,
Thanks to the big life and her forceful, 
Daddy, no longer the man, no matter, +
Due is her freedom for loneliness with the dollar,
No longer the man, no matter
I've been poisoned by god,
The devil of money, 
I will never marry, 'till I'm ready,
To be the perfect man, 
Mommy I love you.
I love you...

Honey the babysitters here, 
Honey it's 8 o'clock, 
Honey the babysitter's here, honey???? 
Honey! the babysitter's here, 
Honey! it's 8 o'clock 
Honey! it's 8 o'clock! it's 8 o clock!

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