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Исполнитель: There For Tomorrow
Название песни: The Remedy
Текст песни добавил: Schizophrenia
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There For Tomorrow - The Remedy текст песни, lyrics

Split decisions, finding fixes
I test ride my memory
Tunnel vision, I give in and put
An end to make - shifting relief
This game has got me shaking hands
With my own enemies
I see faces, but none of them
Not one believes in me

And at the end of the road
I'll hate to say I told you so

I don't need you to find resolve
Cause when it's said and done
Down to one
I'll hate to say I told you so
And as your promises dissolve
I'll get bragging rights
You'll realize that from day one
I always told you so

Go on living making killings
Off of all your broken dreams
I'll stay in within the out
And I bet you won't find on weak bone in me
It's been a long time coming
but no need for sympathy
I made my mind, I'll spend my time
Just making you believe

I know this doesn't sound like it's the best of me
But it feels so good to know what I've got
I found a remedy

found me a fix for all these broken memories
Something to cure the sick and suffering
Cause I did what I wanted to
Rest assured, no more time to lose
I found a remedy

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