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Исполнитель: Toby Keith
Название песни: I Ain't Already There
Альбом: White Trash With Money
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Toby Keith - I Ain't Already There текст песни, lyrics

She called me on the 'phone and said:
"C'mon, get on the plane tonight, pronto."
So just like every time when Kimo Sabi cried for help,
Here come Tonto.
I guess she run her lover off again,
An' I can't believe how long it's been,
I had my fingers runnin' through her hair.
Only bad thing about it: I ain't already there.

Baby, I just landed, grabbed my bag an' hopped a cab,
An' I'm comin' solo.
Light a candle, fill a tub, put on some music that you love,
An' I'll bring the mojo.
Yeah, the cabbie said that he'd drive like hell,
Keep promise me a pony-tail,
An' Baby Vicky's secret underwear:
Only bad thing about it: I ain't already there.

Now it's been real an' it's been fun:
Another notch carved in her gun: repetition.
You know the funny thing when you play her game:
What you thought would change just stays the same: eviction.
I'd be on this plane to Illinois,
She'd be locked down with some pretty boy,
When we touched down in Chicago at O'Hare:
Only bad thing about it is I ain't already there, oh no.
Only bad thing about it: I ain't already there.

Already there.
I ain't already there.

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