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Исполнитель: Toby Keith
Название песни: Note To Self
Альбом: White Trash With Money
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Toby Keith - Note To Self текст песни, lyrics

Note to self: better call.
She'll be mad as hell if I know her at all.
'Cause today's her birthday an' I almost forgot.
Note to self: I better not

Note to self: on my way home,
Don't forget the roses an' Dom Perignon.
You know how she loves a great big suprise.
Note to self: you're skating on thin ice.

Mmm, I ain't gonna screw it up this time.
Mmm, I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine.

Note to self: remember when,
You use to light her up when you walked in.
An' she stole your breath away: that's the way it was,
Everytime you kissed her an' she still does, mmm.

Mmm, I ain't gonna mess it up this time.
Mmm, I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine.

Turnin' down the street, I'm pullin' in the drive.
Door ain't locked, so I step inside.
She ain't here to greet me, so what's goin on?
Note self: she's already gone.

Mmmm, gone.
Mmmm, gone.

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