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Исполнитель: S Club 7
Название песни: Best Friend
Текст песни добавил: Strider
1573 просмотров с 2010-08-07 17:16:06
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S Club 7 - Best Friend текст песни, lyrics

I remember when we was young,
Playing pool, after school, keeping it cool.
People say we were the troublesome two.
I know the girls liked me and you.
I can never forget the times you've covered my back,
You helped me out and covered some slack.
There was nothing you'd never do,
It was all about me and you.

Bridge: You're my brother, you're my sister,
We'll stick together, 
No matter what, no matter what.

Chorus: Best friend, never gonna let you down.
Best friend, always gonna be around.
You know, whatever life puts you through,
I'll be there for you.
We all need a best friend to understand,
A best friend, to take your hand,
You know whatever life puts you through,
I'll be there for you.

You remember the days when we would
Kick back, lay back.
We'd be chilling with the ladies.
Those times were the greatest.
So don't worry about a thing my friend,
Cause you can count on me, thick and thin.
Cause I'll be there right til the end (til the end).



Come on, come on, best friend (x 4)

Bridge x 2

Chorus to end

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