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Исполнитель: Bouncing Souls
Название песни: Broken Record
Альбом: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
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Bouncing Souls - Broken Record текст песни, lyrics

Going to the same old places, skipping like a broken record,
 I love you all but I gotta get out and change this scenery. 
I've got to find what I'm living for, I've got to change this life that I'm living. 
Nowhere to run from myself, no where to hide from the truth. 
I tried to find someone, someone who knew, somebody to give myself to.
 I learned the hard way, when you give yourself away you give away your life too. 
Nowhere to run from myself, nowhere to hide from the truth.
 I tried to find someplace that seemed right for me,
 I walked the streets until i lost my mind and that was the best place to bem when i lost my mind the truth set me free.

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