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Исполнитель: The Horrors
Название песни: Horrors Theme
Текст песни добавил: Pleased witch
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The Horrors - Horrors Theme текст песни, lyrics

Doctor,put your gloves on,they may protect you from the stains
Button your coat right to the top,tip from the jar the brain,oh oh oh
Your good woman is set down crying on the stair
Doctor put your gloves on as if you even care about her
Get up from your chair,youre the only one in the room,doctor,please oh get up
Get up from your chair,get up from your seat,doctor please get up,too long youve been asleep
[A carcass in the bedroom,a carcass at the table,and this is all quiet upsetting.presents for you all,a flower for your mistress like a complete denial of whats been done]   doctor,put your gloves on,they may protect you from the stains         tell me,would you love her and tip from the jar the brain oh oh oh     climb to the top of the stair,pausing to reflect,           on the nature of your disgrace      doctor,what did you expect? chorus

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