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Исполнитель: E-Type
Название песни: Back In The Loop
Текст песни добавил: Strider
1174 просмотров с 2010-08-31 19:13:08
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E-Type - Back In The Loop текст песни, lyrics

Time has come to get the troops back together
No one's cruising for a bruising
It's a landslide, can't die
Time to get what's coming to me
Time to let things go
There is no way to stop the yellow danger
Time has come for you
Cause I'm back...
Back!Cause I'm back...Back!
I'm back...
Back!Cause I'm back...Back!
Snap out of it now
We're bak in the loop and it's time to move on
We're aiming for all or nothing now
We're back in the loop and it's time to move on
For us it is all or nothing
Who are you? friend or foe?
Now leave your sorrows all behind
This ain't enough, hanging tough
Now you must make up your mind
We can't stay down, we have to leave
There is no place for us to hideso this is it
you've been warned now either join or step side
Cause I'm back...
REF again
Back with a vengeance

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