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Исполнитель: Alex Band
Название песни: Please
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Alex Band - Please текст песни, lyrics

There's no pleasure without pain 
There's no love without hate 
Everything you give comes right back to you 
But overseeing and space and time 
Turning water into wine 
There's a power looking down upon us now 
But how do i find out 
A way to say what i have to say 


So please 
Please tell me what i need 
I'm asking please 
Oh please 
Tell me what i need to believe 

We made fire from the flame 
You put out our wicked games 
All we wanted was to be close to you 

But you're always in control 
Pulling strings over our souls 
Though we have 
We're never alone now 
But how do i find out 
A way to say what i have to say 


If love is a temple 
Then hope is a church 
That binds everybody like the spine of a book 
Through the pages that cannot be turned 
If we're here for a reason 
Than the reason is ours to know 
But to say that it's better to not know and together 
We keep living on and weather the storm 


If love is a temple ...

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