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Исполнитель: Death Cab For Cutie
Название песни: Scientist Studies
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Death Cab For Cutie - Scientist Studies текст песни, lyrics

what ghosts exist behind thses attic walls?
there's got to be a simpler explanation,
'cause i scrimped and i saved just to find that
they've been splicing my inventions.
cold skin and bones and this latitude:
we ain't payin' until the heat comes through.
so you slept in a stocking cap and wool scarf.
promises of payment were upon your shoulders
constantly, but don't forget to entertain 'cause
this is your first defense.
a four-year offense to the devoted type.
i may have got an invitation but i wasn't invited.
but i thought that this meant something more
than broken hearts and new addictions.
we'll leave our sins within the carpet twine.
our bodies will dissolve the chemicals in due

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