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Исполнитель: Nicki Minaj
Название песни: I Get Crazy
Альбом: Beam Me Up Scotty (2009)
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Nicki Minaj - I Get Crazy текст песни, lyrics

you know its like when i feel really crazy,
i just get on my broom and fly away,
i go real real far away.
Young money
just what we do, you know,
i mean, we wear straight jackets and we, we..
we we we stay in you know 
stay in padded rooms you know... 
and fly away 

I just came outta the muthafckn old school,
Got my mac notebook with the pro tools
Ya'll bitches ain't ready for nicki lewensky
Bad WOOF WOOF flyer then a frisby
So i'm up in middle way eatinq mangos,
keep a couple pink toes in my sandels,
qot some bangles all over my ankles,
such a star they sinqin tha star spangle,

buh-buh-buh-buh bana iam the rap hannah my mind montana so fix yuh antena,
i keep three hoes but don't call me santa,
anda am-uh flyer then reindeers in the winta.

i get crazy (x5)

yo-yo,so i got a bad bitch mentality,
cuz i just came from anotha qalaxy,
i be with the president up in the white house,
if we in the oval office then its lights out,
cuz iam the wicked witch,
i m the nick-star,
and ikeep a bad bitch on my jig-star,
but i'll leave her in a second for a thick-ar, 
rockstar liddle mama wit a gui-tar,

i mean im nicki,
el-em-en-oh winski,
i mean my name rinq bells like tinky,
i mean tinker,tell that nigga linker,
cuz im looking for some qood brains for my thinker.


Lil Wayne
1.2.3rd floor hospital bound,
niggas is doors and i knock niggas down,
straiqht jacket crooked,
i hear you lookinq,
i promise im hard and i swear you pussy,
i aint crazy no, yes-iam,
right up in the koo-koo nest iland,
im fly i eat my bird shit,
yeah im crazy,crazy bout yur bitch,
wild animal on my beWil-derd shit,
i love brain so im lookinq for a nerd bitch,
its nicki minaj the superb witch,
and weezy-f-baby,no weezy f.

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