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Исполнитель: Kylie Minogue
Название песни: Cupid Boy
Альбом: Aphrodite
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Kylie Minogue - Cupid Boy текст песни, lyrics

If only you knew I shimmer for you
Oh the very thrill of it
I’m hooked on your line
Under your spell
Your love is king

You colour me gold
Now that you know
Baby you got all of me
I’m hooked on your line
You’re under my skin
I need your touch

So why don’t you thrill me like you did before
Why don’t you give me a little bit more
Why don’t you call me start hitting me up
Hitting me up hitting me up
Give me your love

You got it all sown up
And your beats so very
I could never get enough
You got the good stuff good stuff

Cupid boy when we touch
I’m in heaven in your arms
Fire the way you love
Feels like heaven in your arms
A sky rocket to mars
Straight through to your heart
Every time we touch I’m shooting stars
Cupid boy when we touch
I’m in heaven
In your arms
I’m losing my grip
Letting it slip
Baby I want all of you
Your reeling me in
Every time I give in
I’m addicted

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