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Исполнитель: Wale
Название песни: Tito Santana
Альбом: Back To The Feature
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
964 просмотров с 2010-12-09 15:46:53
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Wale - Tito Santana текст песни, lyrics

Uhh... Dub, A, L, E 
Appreciate it Joe, yeah 

Highly unstoppable, nothin's un-coppable 
Tito Santana matador ain't equipped to stop the bull 
Proud of product pulled over nigga not be scorned 
Around here I am the goat like the Capricorn 
New grove, still bitches don't know this a flaw 
Cause my hoes in the X like they model for cars 
Here to change the whole game due to audible 
Initial place wasn't cruel so we oughta bull 
I'm ? to my little mack competition 
You gon' need a couple stars to get your first victor 
Word picture, hurt niggaz, young verse killer 
Fist pleaser, skirt lifter, young Dirk Diggler 
Wahlberg (Shooter), young flow fluid 
And my brains travel like Yung Berg jewels 
Transformer, no opponent is formidable 
Pockets morbidly obese, I'll be tourin for loot 
I'm Wale, the new nigga on the block 
See my team has hella cars, I got a couple knots 
See, how the beat gets ate off 
Acquire my scratch and I ain't have to use an 8-ball 
Hip-Hop's whole face is off 
And I rock with the band, this a cake-walk 

And I don't want 
I don't wanna be condescending on that but like cake-walk 
Like, I meant like cake from the second season of "Da Band" 
Like cake-walk like it's, fuck it 

[Joe Budden:] 
Yo, I'll be whatever you wan' call me 
Weird or faulty, but lyricists can't ignore me (nah) 
Keep a shooter wherever the force be (why?) 
Case they gotta make a band member strip naked like Aubrey 
So, they hate and they say 
But the AK's a cross from the tommy like Shenene and they'll try ya 
Rap hero but wasn't nicer, prior 
I started off the top of the dome, call him Sylar 
Now you now son become C. Dalvin 
Dollar Dungarees, kicks fly closet like Chun Lee (but dawg) 
Pump me with Sigel to pump B 
You just servin yourself, go pull up to pump three 
Flow's all flames, not a race but keep up 
Cause I'll (Bolt) on Usain, I'm too ahead of the game 
So take your seat on the bench 
You met Wale and 9th Wonder, now meet the tenth 

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