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Исполнитель: B.O.B
Название песни: Higher
Альбом: No Genre
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
1126 просмотров с 2010-12-09 15:51:07
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B.O.B - Higher текст песни, lyrics

You may not know my name 
But by the time I leave 
You'll remember the B to the O to the B, 
And every single dot that's in between 
And every single time I hop up in the scene, 
I'm feelin' like I'm better than before. 
I'm ready for whatever, if you feel me let me know, cause I just wanna flow. 
I got up in this thing tryna prove that I'm better than before, 
But I don't even sweat it anymore. 
I get up in the zone, then I coast, 
As I take flight, gravity better hold me tight. 
Your relativity don't mow me right. 
Please don't compare n**gas to me cause I'm ham on the mic. 
I'm down on the ground like a red pair of dice, 
Just scared of the fight, 
When you lay down and prepare for the night, 
I'll be in the air on the flight. 
I don't even care of the time, 

High in the days of my mind. 
Every single face that'll say "hey Bobby Ray" I'll say "Hi". 
You're livin' the craziest life, 
In a pair of shades and the spotlight raised, 
Makin' every nightclub jump like raves 
Raves, raves, Braves, Braves, home of the Braves, 
Eastside Atlanta that's where I stay. 

I'll take you higher, higher than you'll ever been 
[? ] 
And higher, higher than you'll ever been 
Where we ballin' this out and say yeah 
And [? ] me away and no, that away 
And so, took away, [? ] 
I have you ever been, and higher

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