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Исполнитель: Method Man
Название песни: Stimulation
Текст песни добавил: Kunya
1008 просмотров с 2011-02-23 20:22:05
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Method Man - Stimulation текст песни, lyrics

Intro/Chorus: Blue Raspberry 
Let's come together for the stimulation 
Meth-Tical hit 'em with the stimultaion 

Verse 1 
I got 36 styles on my mind, 
Keep it real, Shaolin represent one (time) 
All my peoples are you with me, where you at? (suuuu) 
All my killer bees on attack, where you at? (suuuu) 
Throw ya fuckin' hands in the air if you wanna mix 
If ya got ya gats peel a cap for the new year 
Blinding devotion, 
What's the commotion? 
Wu-Tang clan Flowin' like the ocean (bluue) 
I be comin' for your (crewww) 
Flyin' guillotine (styyyle) 
With the name Meth-Tical 
Is it on?Is it on?Is it gone? 
If I ain't on ya records then the shit ain't really on 
One man band from the Wu-Tang Clan 
Ask who the man, goddamn, it be Method 
Here-here I am in the plan 
Puttin' Def Jam's on my records 
It's onnnn 

Chorus: Blue Raspberry 
Let's come together for the stimulation 
Meth-Tical hit 'em with the stimultaion 
Can everybody feel the stimulation 
Meth-Tical hit 'em with the stimulation 

Verse 2 
I'm here for you son, I gotcha back 
As long as you keep it real, word, I gotcha back 
Brothers want the drama but don't know how to act 
Until the chrome pointed at his dome head crack 
C'mon let's keep it real, no disguise, recognize 
From my sword chop what a nigga do? 
A nigga dies 
That's why I'm stressin' that brothers keep they thoughts on they lesson 
Ressurect yo mind from the essence 
For real 
Ill block nigga get rocked like by the dozen,Whaddup cousin? 
Now give a pound to that lounge nigga 
Peace, my MZA, killa hills 10304 
So I just, uh, Make my way for the Wu building 
Now I'm chillin' with the neighborhood villans thug life it be on now 
Hear the gun blaow as I milk another cow 
Let the method show you how niggas do it 
I study,In the life of good, bad, and ugly 
Part time call that nigga lovely 
But that ain't nuttin' 
Before I die, 
I'm a leave the world, 
With something, 
To remember me by 
The real stimuli 
Fool you be frontin' 
?Ass out rap to rapture to capture? 
I keep it when I part like a natural disaster 
I keep it liveTime more than '85 
And my third eye got me thinkin' 
Maybe you and I should get together for whatever 
You never in ya long ligge-life had it better 
Then you got it now 
We be lifted, tical 
Word, son, I like yo style 

Chorus: Blue Raspberry 

Break: Method Man, overlaps chorus 
Basically,I'm here for the stimuli 
To get high and for doughnuts 
Meth-Tical, it's 9-4, and it's raw, once more 
The Wu-Tang saga continues 

Outro/Chrous: Method Man, overlaps Blue Raspberry's Chorus 
Wu-Tang clan, forever 
No we don't die we just multiply forever, and ever, and ever... 

Chrous' 'till fade

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