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Исполнитель: Method Man
Название песни: Mr. Sandman
Текст песни добавил: Kunya
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Method Man - Mr. Sandman текст песни, lyrics

Intro: RZA (singing by Blue Raspberry) 
*bees buzzing* 
*man screaming in torture* 
This is... (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) 
Serious, the craziest 
... d-da, (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) 
day-daDanger, dangerous... style 

Verse One: RZA 
Lyrical shots from the glock 
bust bullet holes on the chops, I want the number one spot 
With the science, of a giant 
New York defiant, brutal like domestic violence 
Silence of the Lambs, o-ccured when I slammed in 
Foes grab their chairs, to be mad as Ralph Cramden 
Others come with shit, as silly as Art Carney 
But my Tetley triplizes, more kids than Barney 
Never need for stress there's three bags of sess 
a damn I rest, playing chess, yes 
My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn 
When you ain't lookin, I take the queen, with the rook then 
I get vexed, layin phat trax on Ampex 
Morphous God, gettin drunk, off a Triple X 
Violent time, I got more love than valentines 
The violent mind, I blast with a silent nine 

Verse Two: Inspectah Deck 
My hazardous thoughts to cut the mic's life support short 
Brains get stained like tablecloths when I let off 
Powerful, poetry pushed past the point of no return 
Leavin mics with third-degree burns 
Let me at 'em, I cramp your style like a spasm 
Track em through the mud then I bag em 
We're screaming hardcore, hip-hop drips out my balls 
and I be raw, for four score plus seven more 
I strike like a bowling ball, holding y'all hostage 
like hail, electrifying the third rail 
Peep the smash on paragraphs of ruckus 
Wu-Tang (Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck wit) 

Verse Three: Method Man 
Hot time, summer in the cityMy people represent, get busy 
The heat-seeker, on a mission from hell's kitchen 
I gets in where I fits in for head-touchin, listen 
Enemy, is the industry got me flippin 
I don't give a fuck tell that bitch and a nigga 
I'm killin, snipin, catchin murder cases 
Desert Storm-in, I be searchin for oasis 
As I run a mile with a racist 
Pullin, swords, hit the Billboard with a bullet 
Peace to the number seven 
Everybody else get the fo'-nine-three-eleven 
(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) 
I don't know what's going on 
if you can take us there... 

Verse Four: Street Thug 
Yo, watch me bang the headpiece there's no survival 
My flow lights up the block like a homicidal 
murder, underground beef for the burger 
P.L.O., criminal thoughts you never heard of 
I switch, the city never sleeps, life's a bitch 
I shit, runnin through bitches like Emmitt Smith 
Caution, niggaz best to be careful crossin 
the street, before they end up layin in a coffin 
Don't sleep, niggaz tend to forget, however 
Peep this -- my nigga Case lives forever 

Verse Five: Carlton Fisk 
What evil lurks in the heart of men? 
It be the shadow, street-life, flowin again 
I had a plot, scheme, I knew for sure 
Only one kid would knock the hinges off the door 
The jerk tried to jet, Sabrina at his neck 
Thirteen pounds on the table plus a tec 
Just when I said, "Where the fuck's the cream?" 
Another jerk came out the kitchen with the M-16 
He tried to cock it, blast these shots like, rockets 
Crushed his collarbone, ripped his arm out the socket 
My move for the table was swift, I got my hostage 
(The nigga tried to stab you God!) but I dodged it 
Niggaz said, "Carlton youse a ill motherfucker" 
Cause I made it look like they both killed each other 
And I'm out 

(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) 
(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)

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