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Исполнитель: Method Man
Название песни: P.L.O. Style
Текст песни добавил: Kunya
914 просмотров с 2011-02-23 20:23:23
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Method Man - P.L.O. Style текст песни, lyrics

P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls 
P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls 
P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls 
P.L.O. style... 

Verse One: Method Man 
Here comes the ruckus, the motherfuckin ruckus 
Thousands of cut-throats and purse-snatchin fucks 
Straight from the brain, I'll be givin you the pain, anger 
Comin from the 36th Chamber, Bang! Tical, hittin with the Buddha-Fist style 
Shotgun slammin in your chestpiece, plow! 
Brain, is blown all over the terrain 
Like a man without no arms you can't hang 
Time for a change of the guard 
You've been arrested for lyric fraud now you hard 
For real, check it, I pull strings like B.B. King on guitar 
I'm the true fist of the North Star! 

Verse Two: Carlton Fisk, Method Man 
Ooooooooh! What a tangled web we weave 
When first we practice to decieve 
Guns be clickin, runnin with my clan we be stickin 
Whatever, my street family stays together 
Represent what I invent, killa hill 
Resident, rest in peace to my nigga Two Cent 
The street life is the only life I know 
I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O... 

Iranian thoughts and cover like an Arabian 
Grab a nigga on the spot and put a nine to his cranium 

I..can't...get no satisfaction, niggas won't be lastin 
Long, unless they get protaction, for real 
Strong, comin with my clan so what's happenin 
Commercial rap, hate it with a passion 

The M-E-T-H-O-D got me drinkin O.E. all night in a M.P.V. 
Just maxin, lookin for hoes, you know relaxin 
Bitches know the hour it be time for some action 

P.L.O., peace to that nigga Barryano 
Word up, let's take him to the bridge, Verrazano 


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