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Исполнитель: Cassidy
Название песни: So Long
Альбом: I`m a Hustla
Текст песни добавил: Street soul
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Cassidy - So Long текст песни, lyrics

(Cassidy and Raekwon talking over the phone)

(Raekwon)-yo cass what up son
(Cass)-whats goin on playboy, how it looking over there
-You know I got me a good one and all that
-Ohh ok ok
-You know I got me something lovely too you know how we do
-You know how we like em super official
-All day if it aint official I aint fucking with it
-Thats rite son
-Yeah hahh lets do this

(Mashonda singing hook)
So many nights I felt like crying, cant get you off my mind,
All this time I felt like dying, your so hard to find
So I, gotta move on,
Guess I, gotta stay strong,
And I, gotta keep it goin, so long, so long

Its usually the beauty that attracts me,
But perhaps she was the rite person,
Her personality made me happy,
And thats why I pursued her,
Im a dude that makes manuvers,
If I chose her than shes whipped cuz my dick as long as a ruler,
She may be kind of crazy,
Its cool as long as I school her,
Im smooth as grand puba and I can charm a computer,
For us to conversate all it takes to make an impression,
Like a teacher lecturing,
When I speak, she taking lessons,
But every time we argue and fight I feel like Im dying,
I feel like crying,
To tell you the truth you feel like Im lying,
But Ima move longer and stronger as ever without you,
I could do better, but I could never forget about you girl

Mashonda singing hook

Ay yo, I laced you with the girl braclets when you were young,
Doing your thing you want the M5 I buy you the buinesses,
Queen of the temple with the scent of a lemon,
All of the linnen,
Shit at the time Im just reserving your ?melon?
With all that long hair,
Sexy wear, Walk in your von gear,
We at the palm, you all up under my arm wear,
We shopping, embracing you with locks and glocks,
And tims, flying from Africa yo back to the block,
You just a siddolger, thats why your ones is ozzed up,
Cuz when I needed you, you never get frozzed up,
A laced out lady with taste,
I gotta just kiss your face,
Keep your nigga grounded, these are the brakes, one..

Mashonda singing hook

Without us being close its depressing,
They say nobody perfect,
But honey-roasted complection is close to perfection,
Plus she gotta body that could prolly turn a gay man straight,
To stay in shape mammi started taking karate,
So while she get it in the gym running the treadmill,
Im running from feds still,
Keep one in the head still,
I be remenicen boo,
Missing you, thats being real
Cuz you nice in the bed and you nice with the head skills,
You awfly fine,
I cant get you off my mind,
I aint frontin yeah I lost it dime,
But you crossed the line and ain't follow directions,
You gone, getting back togethers out of the question,
I moved on.........

Mashonda singing hook then fade

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