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Исполнитель: Eminem
Название песни: Living Proof
Альбом: Look At Me Now (2010)
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Eminem - Living Proof текст песни, lyrics

Don't stop 
Don't stop 

[Royce Da 5' 9"] 
Yeah, Bad and Evil is (BACK) 
We bout to get into a tale of gunner that details the dungeon 
This is the pale moon illuminates the hail and thundering 
Oh once again where I fail from blundering 
Shady lifted his wing than I fell from under it 
Now I'm freefallin' 
My career is gone and the weed callin' 
Regardless of who's fault I was b-ballin' 
God bubble wrapped me and dropped me on top of the Earth 
Marshall double backed and got me from on top of the Hearse 
I'm alive nigga, Justin T ain't got nothing on me 
Cause I done cried Mary J Blige rivers 
I realized that God's with us as soon as I decided to put that bottle down and pick up my tie bridges 
The writings on the wall since niggas seen me at the baseball game with Shady and Jay-Z 
Suddenly everybody calls 
"Like I'm just checking on you dog" 
While I throw up this message on the star 

When them bottles stop poppin' 
And them dollars start stopping 
Do what you did to get it and dont stop (dont stop) 
I made a promise to my momma 
I'mma out live her 
How can I be a quitter when haters dont stop (dont stop) 

I'm living proof nigga 
Its pretty safe to say 
God giveth and God taketh away 
Its the Worldwide American way 
I'm living proof nigga 

Your body language is sayin' your confidence is gone 
Well pick ya ass up lil homie, come on 
You just gone sit there and take it or make em suck it 
Tell em where to shove it straight up, 
you gon' make love to the world?or you gon' 
Fuck it?, 
The last time that life kicked me in the ass 
I pulled down it's pants and put a foot up its ass 

Man what a catastrophy it'd be for me to be a bitch ass pussy 
And not open a can of whoop ass 
Did ya piss ass whoop me will be the day I say I aint poop 
Shit, the day that I dont straight shoot 
I'll drop out of my anti-women hate group 
Say I'm a sissy faggot, record it play it back and put it on straight loop 
You haters look like you ate a grape fruit 
You see me climbing back on that wagon 
Got my swagga back I was dragging, hop back on it 
Grab the reigns on that bastard and came back on em 
Without remorse man 
Man of course I'm a one trick pony 
Cause I'll be screaming on these whores till I'm hoarse! 


[Royce Da 5' 9"] 
Nah I aint fading yet 
I'd rather stay and rap 
I mighta made a deck 
I find excitement in wondering what I'ma write next 
So I dont stay in debt 
Me broke 
You might aswell cut the embryo out my momma and play catch with the baby 
With AK's with baby bayonet's 
I'ma get rich or I'mma die trying 
Thats why its either kill or be killed 
So call me suicide homocide Ryan 

Theres a bomb inside my head 
I'ma live wire, I am on the edge 
Teetering on it like I tore the iron mike 
Get on a nut like a tire iron 
I have no desire stopping so why would I drop and roll 
Thats how much on fire I am 
Rappers are fun and I'm the time cause I'm just flying by 'em 
Man I'm laughing at 'em the entire time, why am I up? 
Cause tribulations I have triumphed bitch I'm fired up 
So it's time for me to slit your fucking lighter, light the sky up 


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