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Исполнитель: Eminem
Название песни: The Cypher
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Eminem - The Cypher текст песни, lyrics

Like a dope fiend, 
opening up a bottle of dopamine, 
throat, choked anything, 
oh and just think how dope it could be, 
if he smoked anything, 
oh there goes the bell, 
the sound of the opening ding, 
I hit you as hard as barbiturates 
in the ribs with a switch and stitch you at the same time before you could flinch to it, 
my dick is so big if I add another inch to it 
you would swear when I raped you that you was actually into it, 
I'm not a baller but you can bet your fucking bottom dollar 
that I remember when I was without a dollar bill in my wallet, 

now watch me kill a koala, while I maul a Chihuahua, 
bum a pill off of .... 
like let me holla at you mama, 
it's like I'm off that ba ba when I bring the fucking drama, 
Used to bomb ya like Saddam, but now that I'm a lil calmer, 
I'm a fucking cross between Osama, ...., Obama and Dalai Lama, 
tell Miley I'm her knight in shining armor, 
Mail a gift to Taylor Swift's trailer, a picture of my genitalia, 
with a note sayin bitch I can't wait to nail ya. 
drug paraphernalia beware the werewolf will kill ya, 
That's' him in the Sheep's clothes, he just shaved his hair off Cecilia

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