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Исполнитель: Sum 41
Название песни: Screaming Bloody Murder
Альбом: Screaming Bloody Murder
Текст песни добавил: Alex_killer
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Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder текст песни, lyrics

I'm not quite myself these days
Guess we all come undone
time to time in different ways, well
I have myself to blame
Guess I don't understand I need help in many ways

God's got a plan for me
Well I'm gonna tell you one thing
I don't got the patience or the time
What can I say? I'm no angel, I'm not forsaken

Tear me open
I believe
common sense you want to bleed
and no one can deceive what is meant to be
and bloody murder we will scream

Well I guess it's time for me
Tell me what I left to believe in
Cause I don't know the concept of the pain
I don't want to face I'm just losing
I can prove it, WATCH ME BLEED!

Common sense you want to bleed


Cause I'm not giving up no self control
Suffocate till you're blown
I'm my worst enemy who can't be saved
I'm just this disgrace

Common sense you want to bleed


These days are strange it's true
There's not a thing that I would change
No mistakes that I undo

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