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Исполнитель: Tinie Tempah
Название песни: Illusion
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Tinie Tempah - Illusion текст песни, lyrics

My neighbours keep gettin' murdered so we sleep with the alarm on 
Bedroom filled with Nike SB's and Comme Des Garcons 
Starin' at the ceiling listening to So-Far-Gone 
Tryna make the world play me daily like Carson 
My mom says I need to put on weight like Kelly Clarkson 
She said I work like a soldier steady marchin' 
Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right 
Tryna keep it steady like Elizabeth Arden, ahh 
Apartments, Guard with a Garden 
Money in the jeans, car keys in the cardigan 
When I was a kid I wished that I could be in Narnia 
Every time my father disregarded an argument 
Wishing I was sitting on the moon 
Watching videos, wishing I was living on a shoe 
With dishonest use, doing things I didn't wanna do 
Wishing i could see the world from a different point of view 

Leave your baggage at the stairs 
And your worries at the door 
You don't have to think about problems any more 
(I can make you believe in anything) 
Uh, I know that everything's changed 
But I'm under this illusion just so I don't go insane 
(I can Make you believe in anything) 

Uh, you ever been too fed up, to get up 
Or wish you had a huge shredder for a few letters 
Dreaming up these stories of these all new adventures 

[ From: ]

Like new Louie Vuittons on a new Cinderella 
Check the sense of humor on the new, rumors getting better 
Around me teachin' you a lesson, and I don't mean a lecture 
Cos only fake (rich, rich) dudes get jealous 
So we'll never let a (rich, rich) dude get near us 
Cos were up with the stars, somewhere out of space 
And on the underground I felt so outta place 
I got Tom, Dick and Harry all looking at my face 
I know they wanna say 'Safe' but, don't know how to say it 
Bad body language, I don't understand it 
When they see Patrick, then they turn to gangsters 
Haha, And that's a passage from my mantra 
I've started reading from a whole different chapter 


I can make you, 
I can make you, 
I can make you, 
Believe in anything 

I can make you, 
I can make you, 
I can make you, 
Believe in anything

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