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Исполнитель: Tinie Tempah
Название песни: Let Go
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Tinie Tempah - Let Go текст песни, lyrics

If you can see me, then you're probably a little too close 
So you think you could love me, well you gotta be stronger than most 
Cause my ex didn't like it, didn't like it, 
no my friends they don't like it, they don't like it 
Somebody remind me 
When's the right time, when's the right time to let go 

[verse 1] 
Uh, dear whoeva the fuck is listening, 
Tell me of the pleasures of being a normal citizen 
Cause all these fittins' and Vivians keeping me from fittin' in 
Why do I feel safer on stage than in my own living room 
My grandma say that if I leave my drink I shouldn't sip again 
Ooh this tour has got me feeling tired like I'm itchin' 
and uh even though it's physical differences in my siblings 
that's why I feel so down even at the top of the ____ 


[verse 2] 
Uh, dear whoeva the fuck is witnessin', 
Disturbing London independent black businessman 
Based on the work and the effort I'm gunna give this year 
Everybody's getting the presents they want for Christmas, yeah 
Life is only ninety nine winters 
So I'm tryna bond with daddy even though I don't like Guiness 
Don't be confused by my image, I'm no fuckin' public pin-up 

[ From: ]

But my heart won't let me say no to a picture 


[verse 3] 
Uh, dear whoeva the fuck is, Fuck it, this is discovery hate it or love it 
I'm now officially the property of the public since licensing my album 
And signing a deal to be published 
But none of these songs are written for me, nor am I a puppet 
Journalists come for interviews but don't stay on the subject 
Yeah, no, yea - are we done yet? 
Questions you've asked me hundreds, now can you grant me some rest 
Because I'm tired of it, I'm living out my dream, and I'm tired from it 
If music needed saving, I'd die for it 
Music's where my heart is, I'm alive for it 
I promise 

If I'm never liked my heart might break 
Here in the dark, yeah, we'll be safe 
I don't care, no looking back 
I've never been, never been, this far from home 


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