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Исполнитель: Crystal Castles
Название песни: XXZXCUZX Me
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Crystal Castles - XXZXCUZX Me текст песни, lyrics

We can insist on having robots
bugs and insects
leave me for dead
how can you love?
program the head

We get so demonstrated
nuts and bolts for granted
lie like a dog
now it's just wires
full of promise

Robotic love
I'm programmed to rust
AIDS robot is clad in iron bolts

Robot grunts have bled each other
they wanna play with my placenta
All we have is dirty weather
someone push the button

I know we're just disease
A bloody cyst
What will you live,
What will you die for?
Protect the cure in me

baby I know
we'll celebrate the fucking rain
just because we don't feel flesh
doesn't mean we don't fear death

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